Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I struck gold lovelies. I palette with golds and browns that makes a perfect natural eye. I have died and *almost* gone to heaven. And I got two lovely brushes.
This palette is by Physicians Formula and Cost around 10 - 13 bucks. Nice. Its in Miami strip and its a bronzer/eyeshadow/highlighter(blush) .. I use it as eyeshadow.

This is it ladies. My latest palette. It has shades ranging from light golden pink to a medium brown bronze.
Shimmer / Matte? Yeah. An in-between. 
Not to glittery not to plain.

Lets for from left to right ..

O1. It looks pretty dark but really its not, it is more of a nice medium. I use this in the crease.
O2. A perfect bronze for a one lid kinda look.
O3. I pair this with # 1, this is the lid color.
O4. On some days I wear it as a total lid color.
05. A light white with a hint of shimmery pink used as a highlight on brow bone.

I am really truly not as Young as I look. (;

As I said before dolls, not as young as I look.

The look above has number 1 in the crease and outer corners and number 3 on the lid, with number 5 as A brown bone / inner corner highlight.

Hope you all enjoyed.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

MIA - woopsie doooppies

Sorry everyone school / tumbling / babysitting has been busy on me !
Will post this weekend;


-Makeup collection!
-Best mini makeup palette {golds browns} -- pictures on face (;

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Skin, Skin, oh dreaded skin :/

So my skin has been breaking out :/
I dont have acne - acne like all over spots. Everyone says my face is suppper smooth but i have spots on my nose, and on my left cheek .. GREAAAT.
I rarely get `um and a dread `em

So I went shopping for some skin care products.
Lets get down an` with it ...

A every day face wash! Yayyy it smells amazing, plus, girlies, lookie. Little rocky minerals in side that you can actually feel the cleanser working!

1.Treats acne even before it emerges
2. Hydrates && softens
3. Reduces redness. {woot to the woot}
Directions: rub thin layer over entire infected area.

My mom saw it and drifted over to the shelf and scooped it up. I {in a matter of miliseconds} asked her why she picked it up. She told me she used to use it about 5 years ago but switched to suave because it was cheaper. So she quickly bought this for me, my lovely mother (:

*Crosses Fingers*
Lets hope this works, ladies.
Kaseyy doll <3


Monday, September 6, 2010


I am looking to buy a new OPI color from Sephora, or a place in a mall {hair salons all have OPI inside (;}
And what nail design should i do?

Please comment some pretty OPI colorrrs

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Amy & Sara "Thebeautyfreaks"

Hey everyone, as you all know I am a makeup freak/beauty freak so when I saw a youtube channel named "thebeautyfreaks" I clicked down right away.
I was astounded to see two gorgeous girls who weren't on there twenties like most on youtube. They are two young teens who are very down to earth and real!
They are so fun to watch, check them out NOOOW (:

I asked them
O1. What makeup really means to them
O2. And why they started making videos/tutorials!

here are their answers

Q1. For us, makeup has always been an almost escape from everyday life. Its the chance to experiment, try something new and let us express a side of us we may not want show in everyday life. Whether it be a wild rockstar, a glamorous actress or even a shy english rose. Its a form of expression. We love how it can completely change a girl's self-esteem, make her brim with confidence and make her walk taller and prouder to be in her own skin.

Q2. Many people give a generic, cheesy or even corny answer when someone may ask why they started up their channel. They'll say that they aren't professionals in any sense, and they just want to help people by sharing their beauty tips and tricks.
But that's who we are I suppose, sometimes cheesy and corny.That's the truth. We aren't professionals, we just love to help people and share our beauty tips. We thought we could set ourselves apart from the other YouTubers and bring something new to the table by having an American and English duo. We've both experienced and seen different aspects of beauty from our travels and where we've lived. This would widen our range of knowledge to further add to the beauty and fashion network.
We were inspired by several gurus and how they influenced and encouraged girls (and even guys) to see their inner and outer beauty. We wanted to be in that position so that we could have the same impact on the world.

Please check them out. They are darlings (:
Not to mention their amazzzzing videos!!!

{please comment (:}

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A coral lipstick, an amazing nailpolish, and a picture of .. muah!

Hey lady - ohhhs! Its me, Kasey here.  (:
Please comment, and oh so please send me some kind mail. I am bored, and need a chat :)


Natural lighting on the back porch is gorgeous!

Okay these are the two nail - ees a purchased. Well, the first one is by Sally Hansen and it is a pink - ish brown - ish, the color of coffee beans with a hint of pink! Love it. And its great for this season, and is low key yet very noticeable. It had me at "awww". It is called espresso, and it is lovely! No really, it is.
But it came with a free clear nail polish so I bought it! Anyways, it was $4.99, around there, for both of these together!

Oh how I love my hands (:
I have slender, hands with REAL long nails, and they are so strong and never have ever braked. 
I hate when people ask me if they're fake.
They aren't .

My piggies! tee hee. 

This is a Maybelline Coral color!
The taste is amazing, and the color is light but gorrrgg.
Better then MAC, I admit it!! 
Buuut, darlings , I forgot to take a picture of the tube / swatch of lippie so I shall post tomorrow!

For meee ....

Excuse the messy room, but this is me.
Also, sorry about the poofy shirt ..
But its meeeee 
ok lol

My hair was in a pony tail, and the light was shining in so i took this pic, yes my hair is blonnnde (;

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