Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A coral lipstick, an amazing nailpolish, and a picture of .. muah!

Hey lady - ohhhs! Its me, Kasey here.  (:
Please comment, and oh so please send me some kind mail. I am bored, and need a chat :)


Natural lighting on the back porch is gorgeous!

Okay these are the two nail - ees a purchased. Well, the first one is by Sally Hansen and it is a pink - ish brown - ish, the color of coffee beans with a hint of pink! Love it. And its great for this season, and is low key yet very noticeable. It had me at "awww". It is called espresso, and it is lovely! No really, it is.
But it came with a free clear nail polish so I bought it! Anyways, it was $4.99, around there, for both of these together!

Oh how I love my hands (:
I have slender, hands with REAL long nails, and they are so strong and never have ever braked. 
I hate when people ask me if they're fake.
They aren't .

My piggies! tee hee. 

This is a Maybelline Coral color!
The taste is amazing, and the color is light but gorrrgg.
Better then MAC, I admit it!! 
Buuut, darlings , I forgot to take a picture of the tube / swatch of lippie so I shall post tomorrow!

For meee ....

Excuse the messy room, but this is me.
Also, sorry about the poofy shirt ..
But its meeeee 
ok lol

My hair was in a pony tail, and the light was shining in so i took this pic, yes my hair is blonnnde (;

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  1. It looks like I have black highlights, uh no way ;D
    naturrrral blonddaay

  2. you have really pretty fingernails.
    and i love that top.<3

  3. love the nail polish.

  4. Heyy m'dear,
    it's Sara & Amy :)
    thought we would just check out your blog, and we think its fantabulous! Love it :)

  5. @cloee - thanks much darling

    &@ sara+amy - Hey doll's , I'm glad you like it! Can't wait to start working a bit with you two!