Saturday, September 11, 2010

Skin, Skin, oh dreaded skin :/

So my skin has been breaking out :/
I dont have acne - acne like all over spots. Everyone says my face is suppper smooth but i have spots on my nose, and on my left cheek .. GREAAAT.
I rarely get `um and a dread `em

So I went shopping for some skin care products.
Lets get down an` with it ...

A every day face wash! Yayyy it smells amazing, plus, girlies, lookie. Little rocky minerals in side that you can actually feel the cleanser working!

1.Treats acne even before it emerges
2. Hydrates && softens
3. Reduces redness. {woot to the woot}
Directions: rub thin layer over entire infected area.

My mom saw it and drifted over to the shelf and scooped it up. I {in a matter of miliseconds} asked her why she picked it up. She told me she used to use it about 5 years ago but switched to suave because it was cheaper. So she quickly bought this for me, my lovely mother (:

*Crosses Fingers*
Lets hope this works, ladies.
Kaseyy doll <3



  1. awesome products !!! I'm going to try that cruel , great post

  2. i used to use pink grapefruit and it's really goood ! goood luck with these products ! x

  3. Get Curel!
    It is sooo amazing.
    A little lotion covers your whooole face <3

    Pink grapefruit is nice (: love it

  4. Thanks for the nice comments you leave on my blog :)
    I really like your posts and your little siplay picture is soo cute :)