Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Major Haulage

I have been feeling a bit... down for some strange reason today. But was pleasantly surprised with a "major haul"

These are products I got either today from walmart, or from the secret santa on Friday with a close friend of mine (from ulta)

The whole gang.
I think thats kinda a whole lot! ;) For me. In a matter of a week.

The colossal !
L o V e . . .

"Living Doll" Blush, by HardCandy.
Mmm best. blush. ever! May have to do a review

High Maintenance eyeshadow duo (baked)
by HardCandy. GORGEOUS to say the LEAST.

NYX roundstick in ceto! pinky frost bronze

Covergirl wetslicks in tutu (wish it had the amazemint flavaaa)

NYX gloss in sweetheart

The revvvvie lipgloss I have been dyyin for. lilac pastelle!

love love LOOOOVE. Tinted lipbalm lipslider by NYC!
in sugar angel

Maybelline quuuaaaad. sunlit bronze!

Crease brush...

NYX seafoam greeeeen. bayyyum.



Thursday, December 16, 2010

A special haul for a friend!

Hey there girls.

So last week, a secret santa was decided at "the lunch table" we drew names out of a little lunch box and somehow me and one of my friends (the only two at our table who love makeup ;) pulled each other. 
So we kinda all told each other. (Pshh so much for a "secret" santa)
So we decided to take a trip to Ulta. The store thats great for me... horrible for my wallet!
And we chose stuff we loved, switched bags, payed, and tomorrow (friday) we will be exchanging gifts. 

This is what I got her.. tell me what you think? 

So here is everything lined out! (:
All in all, about, ehhh 30 something? 
Thats good-ish right?

Ehh she's been wanting it for a while.
I am not a fan of on-the-lid liners. 
But she can pull off a pretty hot job of one.
She stuffed this is her back, w/o any influence from me.

So she saw this in a room a while back and its body/hair spray
(to make your hair smell good) and she became obsessed. 
Every time we go in pink these are never there
So This is what I decided.

Matchy-match with the spritzer (:

She wanted this. I already own it. I love it.
There you go (;

I like NYX lipsticks more then MAC... there I said it.
Ugh :( I am not too much of a mac girl, as some.
I do love some trips there (it just feels like magic inside of there!)
But the drugstore side of Ulta is an even bigger heaven~ espesh to my wallet.

A shiny nyx lipgloss. She said it smelled/tasted like cherry medicine, which some how my freak of a friend
finds a yum taste. ? ;) I like it though

nyc cream blush is plaaaaza pink.

So I will also do a wonderful haul on what I get :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My "sluggish" week in pictures :)

 Hey lovely girls. Welcome to my first
"week in pictures"
First off... my week has been going a bit...slow. I mean, in a matter
of 2 days, I'll be out of school for 2 whole weeks! :)
Why? Christmas break! Woo-hoo!
But today, I am dreading tomorrow. I have a big Spanish test.
Ugh. I am ranting a tad, but I EXTREMELY DISLIKE spanish...
I have been getting all "A's" and even with my hard work, I
might as well be expecting a B in Spanish. Greaaat.

But what is the cure for the sick feeling in your stomach, of a huge ugly test?
A trip to ULTA! :)
Woo. In an hour or so, I'll be heading there with a friend.

Lately I have been a little obsessed with lipgloss.
I stumbled upon covergirl lipglosses (see past two post).
I bought two wet slicks fruit spritzers in the weekend and they were yummy.
Spesh. the grape one! But I still like the "amazemints" better (think... the blue one ;)

Grape Splash.
This isn't a review ;)
So all I am gonna` say this is yummy, and a light pretty purple.

 Not to happy with the color, but the taste
is extravagant.  Yummy papayyya. 
But my lips are highly pigmented and this makes a perrrty light coral!
I recommend this to "xxmakeupiscoolxx"
Its not like she is going to see this or anything...
but I mean, she's obsessed w/ all things coral..
Just to note it out ;)
Love her vids though.

Oh my goodness. I love this. I LOVE this. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS.
Its a nice clear gloss, with a blue-ish tint that makes my lips...
just plain gorgeous. 
Hard to explain.
(like I said, if this was a review, I'd try to explain it more!)

Blueeee baybeee

"Modeling fail"
Oh my. 

Okay. So after 5 hours of tumbling non-stop at the gymnastics gym...
I want a pop. Yessss.

Screen saverrr<3

SnOw! Ow-ow! 

Chipotle chippiesss :)


Kisses, Kasey

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy-Grail Lip glosses

Hey girlies :) It's snowing outside, so I am super excited and in the Christmas spirit! Did I mention I love snow&all things Holiday?
Anyways, I found my HG lip-glosses! They are amazing. Keep reading...

Covergirl wetslicks Amazemints. Covergirl collaborated with 'Crest'  (Think.. minty fresh toothpaste). These lipglosses have peppermint oil in them that moisturizes your lips, makes your teeth look whiter, makes your breath smell better, plumps your lips, and gives you a healthy smile. And yes, all of these did actually happen when I wore the glosses.

I never was big into lipgloss because even the highend ones
 (think.. Mac, urban decay, lancome, channel, clinique ETC.)
are very sticky, which I hate. But these "wetslicks" literally feel... wet&slick. Plus, my lips are never chapped anymore! The peppermint oil totally makes them un-chapped :)

Here are all four of the wetslicks I own.
Top: Sillylily
Bottom: no care bare
Right: Freedom of peach
Left: Everything's Rosy

No Care Bare :)
Pretty nude color! It is a honey sort of shade, with light brown-peach undertones.
Its very natural yet shiny... gorgeous. I would love to see this on a brunette..

Freedom of Peach :)
This color is a baby tutu-ballet pink
This shade is soooo SHINY. Probably the most shiny one, though 
they are all shiny. This color fives my raspberry toned lips a natural shade of peach!
One word to describe it? Classy!
Four? Every Girl Needs This :)

Everythings Rosy :)
Pretty Pretty Pretty!
It is the PERFECT rose color
Makes my lips nice && pinky

I got this because its almost the same shade as my lips!
Except a bit more brighter and purpley!
Lovvveee another classy color

All four of the gorgies.
Revlon glosses are nice too just a bit more sticky
with not the pleasureful minty taste.
( I have my eye on lilac pastelle... maybe i will snatch it up today or this week)

Best. Lipbalm/chapstick evahhh

What I carry them in, my makeup bag for glosses in purse

zee inside of my verabradley frill bag!

hollllahhh for lipglosses!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Small Hall (BEST lip-glosses)

This all added up to 22 dollars. I was happy. All three of these wonders :) Two MAC lipglosses = more then 3 lip glosses!

Wet n` Wild nailpolishes are better then revlon nail polishes, in my opinion hands down. But Revlon glosses are much better.
I got this black beauty to do a reverse french mani tomorrow night <3


Yumm. Let me tell you, weslicks amazemint are my new fave glosses! They
have C r e s t Peppermint oil, giving it the feel like you have gorg. lips with great breath!
NAME: Sillylily
COLOR: A berry - pink color, perfect for fall/winter I propose.
PACKAGING: Looove how durable it is!
TASTE: Crest peppermint-y Yummm.
LASTING: Not too sure yet. I just bought it an hour ago

NAME: No Care Bare
COLOR: A nude :) Finally. Peachy undertones! Loove. Light, natural
TASTE: Minty. same as above.
PACKAGING: Same as above. They aren't really "tacky" but, they aren't too over-the-top-special. Still a love<3
LASTING: same as above.

NAME: Pink Pursuit
COLOR: A dark pink, with just the right amount of shimmer, very unique pinky. Natural
TASTE: N/ at all
PACKAGING: Gooorgeous. Looks better then high-end packages! :)
LONGEVITY: Not too sure, but I will review these! I only got them an hour ago..

If anyone would like swatches of these, I will swatch them.
I used to be more of a lipstick lady, but I am now all over glosses, 
and I personally like lipglosses more :)

<333 all.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas tree & Operation Beautiful

Hey girls! Long time no post.. I was sick for a legit 15 days. I missed 4 days of school, lots of hours of tumbling, and a bit of being miserable over thanksgiving break. 
School is being jam-packed with work before the long two weeks of christmas break.
Not to mention tumbling. First competition tomorrow. I had 8 hours of practice yesterday/today. A whole lot. But I love it more then you can imagine <3

So above it a picture of my Christmas tree in my room :) Puuurple to match.
I will be doing NOV. faves soon!


I have known about operation beautiful for a while now. I just really, never got to it. I always just pushed it away. But I read a little story from a close friend of mine on " "
Here is what she wrote...

I thought I just needed to share this amazing cause :)

So I was in the bathroom at my school the other day, and I noticed there was a sticky note on the mirror. It said, "There could never be a more beautiful you." And at the bottom of the note it said ""
It made me curious so I went to this website last night, and it is actually an amazing website.
It's about girls who secretly post sticky notes in bathrooms and in public places to cheer up other girls. Looking at this made me wanna cry, some of the notes are just amazing.
So I think I am going to start more Operation Beautiful at my school because I think it's for a great cause. Who wouldn't want to see a note like that everyday? It literally made my day!

I just thought I'd share because I think it's a great idea!
Check out the site:

 I read this, amazed. I always thought operation Beautiful was truly a great idea, but never have I heard it happening to someone I knew. 
Some people are going through troubles. 
If you were having a bad day, how would you like it if someone called you gorgeous?
At this moment, I am pre-writing notes to put inside the bathroom mirrors, or stalls. 
It may not seem like much, but truly, it is.

I am ASKING all of you girls, to have a big heart, and please, check out the website. 
And DO IT. Actually just DO IT.

Especially since its December, the time of giving.