Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I struck gold lovelies. I palette with golds and browns that makes a perfect natural eye. I have died and *almost* gone to heaven. And I got two lovely brushes.
This palette is by Physicians Formula and Cost around 10 - 13 bucks. Nice. Its in Miami strip and its a bronzer/eyeshadow/highlighter(blush) .. I use it as eyeshadow.

This is it ladies. My latest palette. It has shades ranging from light golden pink to a medium brown bronze.
Shimmer / Matte? Yeah. An in-between. 
Not to glittery not to plain.

Lets for from left to right ..

O1. It looks pretty dark but really its not, it is more of a nice medium. I use this in the crease.
O2. A perfect bronze for a one lid kinda look.
O3. I pair this with # 1, this is the lid color.
O4. On some days I wear it as a total lid color.
05. A light white with a hint of shimmery pink used as a highlight on brow bone.

I am really truly not as Young as I look. (;

As I said before dolls, not as young as I look.

The look above has number 1 in the crease and outer corners and number 3 on the lid, with number 5 as A brown bone / inner corner highlight.

Hope you all enjoyed.


  1. perfect neutral colors , you look so cute !!

  2. Thanks so much, your gorgeous yourself (:

  3. I used to have one of those strips. Only ever used it as bronzer but I love that you have used it as eyeshadow. Wish I still had one to try that out. Looks great on you!