Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Haul posting.

Hey there everyone, today I am post a bit of a Haul. In the past October month I have purchased quite a bit of makeup. I am on a budget, I don't have cash to throw around so this may not seem like too much for a lot of you but it is a load to me ! (:
Lets get to the Haul

First ever trip to a brand new Ulta on its Opening Day. Me plus my friend? Only people in the building. Wow. Love it. Lets just say way better then I thought!

Its a STILA palette (:

L to R: 
Lame` , Chloe , Kitten.
I love Lame`.. It looked very yellow, more of a highlight.. but no! It was a gorg. golden with a tad bright hint of a sunny yellow color.

For ten bucks, its hard to beat.

Find it at Ulta or Sephora

L to R:
Lame` , Chloe , Kitten

Road to RADIANCE. Another Stila Palette

Top L to R: Shimmering eyeshadow in SNOWBUNNY  ,  Valley girl; hard to explain but very pretty!
Top L to R: southern bell (looks like a tote over done pink.. so not true <3) and city chic

ooo yeah (;

The creme blush is breathtaking! Thought it would look splotchy on my cheeks. Nope!
Hibiscus is perrtyy 

Swatch it uuup

White eyeliner!

Totally worth it, I use it as an eyeshadow base everyday after my MAC paint por (I use as primer)

Barefoot in Barcelona 

You don't know Jacques! 

Cuckoo for this color

Essie mint candy apple
(bit streaky, but totaly perfect after a few coats and chip resistant. Forced to where for a week because of being in washington DC, and it only chiped on the tips very very very little (couldn't even tell) )


Lemon mmm.. (:

Soothing but yummy lemon flavored lip falm!
Not sticky
Silky (:

Cuckooo for this culluhh babes

Sable. Best. eyeliner. evvuhherr

Maybelline tranquil sands. Lasts me thru 3 hours - 5 hours of tumbling with a mac paint pot and NYX white eyeliner as base.

Didn't show up? :(


 Has a slight shimmer, but wearable under all shadows or alone! 

Also didn't show up, Thats what I get for 10:00 lighting at night!

Thanks for reading, girlies.



coming up next: softlips review :D , and some more haul posts, and DIY's


  1. Great haul! I can't tell you how much I want that Stila palette (the first one). They don't sell it in Canada and every time I go to the states they are out of them...grrr.

  2. It really is worth it! All colors had fab payoff! I was so impressed with Lame`, I am a sucker for golds.
    "Tranquil sands" by maybelline is a perfect dupe of kitten. It actually lasted me thru 5 hours of tumbling last friday night! (with a primer and a white eyeliner base over lid)

    <3 thanks for commenting lovely

  3. Great haul!

    Essie Mint Candy Apple is gorgeous!

  4. Thanks Gaby!
    I agree, it is such a beautiful mint-green polish!

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