Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Softlips Holiday Review

Hey girls... I got a chance to review the new Holiday flavors of Softlips Lip balm. I was sent 5 different balms from the company from the Holiday collection. I am not being payed to review any of these products. This review is my opinion, and is not influenced by the soft lips company.

As I review each lip balm, I will be applying it while I type to get a better description onto the review.


sugar & spice
winter mint
sugar plum
sugar cookie

Pure original mint.
It left your mouth feeling fresh, like you just chewed a mint + brushed your teeth + flossed!
Hows that for a stick of lip balm?
Has a slight vanilla taste to it.

Winter Mint
Tastes of .. candy-canes.
Its an overall lovely taste, by far one of my favorites.
Like "mint" it keeps you feeling fresh, but this flavor
just feels slightly more on the Holiday side.

Sugar Plum Berry
Even though it is a Berry flavor, you can totally tell 
it is for the holidays. It has a slightly sweet over taste, light a sugary kind of
thing. Not my favorite of the five, but I stilled liked it. (you could slightly taste sunscreen)

Sugar Cookie
Tastes exactly like the name. Amazingly sweet (but not sickly sweet),
sugar cookie. I loved how made me so content for a bit, the yummy taste!

Sugar & Spice
This is by far the most christmas-y and as well the hardest to explain.
I loved this. Have you ever been into bath & body works during the holidays
and smelt all of the christmas scents mingled into one with a slight spice in the air?
Thats what this is. Sweet yet spicy.
Love it.

These all were very moisturizing, lasted me 4-5 hours (plus through & after lunch).
They all had amazing flavors that I could devour up (;
The only con was in a few sticks of lip balm I could slightly taste a "sunscreen flavor"
Other then that.. perfect.
They have a large amount of balm in the tube and have sturdy easy-to-use packaging.

I would def. to a re-purchase!

Any companies that would like me to do a review on their product , just send me an email and I will respond ASAP. Email in side bar ----------->


thank you softlips!
Hope you enjoyed. 


  1. Ohh those look yummu! I'll definitely have to give some of these a try because I'm addicted to lip balm!

  2. where can you buy these?

  3. I won the Sugar Cookie lip balm from the Softlips giveaway on Facebook. It smells of vanilla,butter,and sugar....so yummy!

  4. Caronning21... you can buy them at CVS. or usually a drugstore. Or order from softlips.com!

    Ladies, thanks for the kind comments (;