Sunday, November 14, 2010

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks: coral gleam & pink quartz

The tubes they come in (:
Pretty packaging! Unique.

Coral Gleam. This lipstick is a light coral color, very pretty and has white shimmers in it,
but not over-done shimmers. This color is more for summer and spring , but it is still wearable
now. I still wear it now. 

Coral Gleam

Pearl Finish

Pink Quartz. Oh my gosh. How can I explain this lippie. It is the most unique
evvverrr! Okay , first off, its more fall-berry sort of color then pink. Mauve kinda color. 
I was looking at Macbarbie07's youtube videos and saw her inexpensive lipstick vid.
She mentioned this.
I bought it last night.
I am truly, in love.
It has not-overdone GOLD shimmer in it. Wow. It is natural, but noticeable. 
Gorgeous for fall!

Pink Quartz

Excuse the duck face :/
Above is pink quartz. Lighting is off so.. 
it is way prettier in person!

Above is coral gleam.

Let me tell you, these lipsticks are so moisturizing. I don't need lipbalm with it! 
They aren't trying.. but not sticky.
I am the type of person that hates goopy sticky gloss, so I like lipstick more.
These are perrrfect.




  1. pretty pretty lipsticks.
    loving the colors.<3

  2. Thanks, gorgeous!
    Your comments make my day (:
    Keep them commiinnggg <333

  3. yeah, but i really like all the colors :)

    xoxo Christine

  4. Coral Cream looks positively yummy! So pretty. Definitely want to go purchase this.

  5. christine --> I agree. Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Aimee --> Coral Gleam is deff. worth it! Make sure your looking in the "pearl" lip section of the color sensations. Its sort of a toughie to find!

  6. i like coral gleam. the other is a little bit too 'pink' for me.

  7. Lenine- I love coral gleam as well, but I am favoring pink quartz.

    In person it is more purple-ish red-ish? My lips are naturally cranberry and it turns them more purple-y fall kind of with a gold glow!