Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey everyone! Expect the haul from my tuesday shopping trip. School is all well, my nervousness has denigrated into dust, that I swept underneath the couch so later in the year I will find some dust bunnies (;

On with the show .. erm .. tag..... Tagged by beauty is an obsession!

If you were getting married, what colour dress would you wear if you couldn't wear white?
.. call me old fashioned but I lurrrve white wedding dresses. So if I had to choose one other then white *nose scrunch* I would have to choose a very very very light off white!

What is your holy grail foundation?
.. clinique of course! To be more detailed, Cliniques almost makeup in medium! So gorg. It is all natural and does not break me out!

If you had unlimited money, what three beauty products would you splurge on?
.. If I had unlimited money, dude, I would splurge on everything, obviously (; .. But if I had to choose three probably; 1) Eyeshadow because of all the unique different colors! , 2)Lipstick/gloss because all of the different shades as well as flavors and types. , 3) Perfume/lotion scents. I would have a whole closet full<333 BAYYYUMM

Why do you love makeup?
Makeup is art. It should be used to express yourself through creativity, and enhance your natural beauty when you want to have down - right fun!

Do you have a lot of makeup?
Ehh I just started buying withing the past 1 - 2 years because I am not suppperr oldddd. But I am not a lil` kid either (; I babysit and shtufff so I am a teen lol!

Heels or flats?
Flats! I find them cuter then heels on a daily bases. I have never really gotten many chances to wear heels :( So maybe in the future it'll be heels? For now its flats baybayyy

What eyeshadow colour do you like best?
`Shades of browns put together on lid,crease, highlight, corners
`rich b**** By too faced an eyeshadow duo which is a gorgeous light blue-green and light yellow. I wear the yellow coated light over the greenyblue giving it a interesting unique color!

What beauty tip do you live by?
Do not use makeup to cover up your natural beauty, and do not go overboard.
Its all down right fun, thats what I consider makeup!

Who's makeup do you feel inspired by?
&& Blaire + Elle Fowler. I hate when people say they are fake just cause they have gotten popular.
Ugh I lurvvve them
Oh and you may all know miss Laura by now? If not check out her blog NOW. She is a m a z i n g. She is natural, down to earth, and I emailed her and she is constantly sweet enough to reply! 

Now everyone, go do this tag!!



  1. youre so adorable.
    great answers.<3

  2. <333 Thank you very much, maaaam (;
    You should also do the tag, I'd love to here your answers..
    Email me? I need some advice/tips on my blog!

  3. Nice answers doll :) I definitely agree with you on why you love makeup! And thanks for the shoutout hun! I keep forgetting to give you yours...haha, you'll have to remind me! Thanks again sweetie :) xoxo

  4. @Laura -
    Thank you, I love answering these sorts of tags ..
    & You are very welcome, you deserved the shout out sort of thing!
    Its fine, life gets busy, & Sure I will remind you (;

  5. good answers. thanks for sharing. and your blog is too cute. :)

  6. @Tamara - thanks so much girlie (:

    @Emilia - your a doll (: No problemmmmo

  7. I tagged you lovely! xo

  8. Laura, thank you!
    I am posting mine now!