Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Skin Care & A lush review

Every month I'd try a new product, waiting , wishing , praying it would work. Lots made my skin soft but never had cleared me up in a couple hours. I came home to find my mom got me some Burt's Bee's Herbal Blemish Stick. I put some on and rubbed it over the needed arenas of my face like my nose and the upper right corner of my forehead. I took a short hour long nap, because I had gymnastics later in the night so I wanted to rest up. I woke up, went to the bathroom to wash my hands before dinner and my mouth dropped open. Literally. "Does my noes and forehead look a bit .. clearer?" I thought to myself. I went to team practice and had a blast, as usual. My life revolves around the gym. I went home, and ate after 5 hours of practice who wouldn't be starving?!?!? After putting some more on in the night and waking up the next morning my skin was completely and utterly.. clear! BURTS BEES HERBAL BLEMISH STICK IS A LIFE SAVER! You can purchase it at any drugstore at a range of 9 - 11 bucks!

In the morning / night after washing my face then apply burts bee's, I put lotion on. If water even touches my skin it gets super dry to this lotion absolutely beaming is perfect! It is SPF 15 so it protect my face from white sun - spots which nobody likes. I am not sure of the cost but I am guessing it is $6 or under - and can be purchased at walmart!

The Lush bag, if you do not know what lush is check their website! It makes yummy soap and other products.

               The soap! Lovin` the Lush packaging!

Okay so darlings, I purchased the Godmother Soap from Lush. It has a very sweet smell that if I had to put into my own words is sweet like a mix of cottoncandy and bubblegum. I didn't think it sounded too good until I actually breathed in the scent! Its intoxicating, amazingly. It has the exact same scent as Lush's winter scent labeled "snow fairy". The only bad thing about this soap is it leaves you feeling kind of .. squeaky when your still wet? But once you dry off your very soft! Over all I like it!

Thats all for now, please leave a comment & email me to chat, ask, or even have me review your products.


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