Saturday, August 21, 2010

Some sweet scents and a Smell - Great *Secret* :)

Hey everyone sorry I haven't posted in the while, as you know the Summer is coming to an end, and I am busting out the old brain to get smart for school again (; 
Anyhoo, the perfume above was purchased from a local meijers { my - ers } grocery store. I fell in love with the scent because it is sugary and sweet and lasts a long while! 

I got the perfume for Christmas and with in came Body Mist of the same scent. I am not exactly sure of the price because as I said, it was a gift for Christmas. But all I know that it is not expensive. The body mist is not as strong but who cares? Its pretty yummy if I do say so myself.

I love Bath & Body Works, oh the lust of walking into the store and being surrounded by all the sweet perfumes and mists. Just sauntering around pushing the tops down to test the testers and to push your nose into the cloud of mist that you sprayed just to see what the scent is like. Yummmbo! P.S I love you is a very pretty scent that is probably the hardest to explain that I have in my collection. Its soft but strong, sweet yet bold... I googled the ingredients and this is what I found was in it.
features notes of citrus, lychee, peony, yellow rose accord, riesling vitessence, scarlet velvet rose, orchid, purple lilies, jasmine, incense, creamy sandalwood, patchouli, golden amber and musk.

And now, (DRUMROLL PLEASE), for the Smell - good secret!

It turned out lopsided .. Dandy. Okay anyways, this is the smell good secret! Teen Spirit deodorant stick.
"Big deal" Your probably thinking , but guess what?? 6+ Hours of hard core gymnastics / conditioning tough enough to make you cry = still can smell the sweet sent of either sweet strawberry or pink crush.
Yummmbo, again.
I swear by this deodorant!

Well thats all for now ladies. This whole time I haven't even said my name or what to call me by (; Just call me Kasey. It is not my real name but it is a nick-name I go by. Later on if I continue this blog I may announce my real name but just call me by my NN; Kasey!

-Kasey (:


  1. lol, I actually really like the sound of those deodorants... definately going to look out for them :)

  2. They are great - you should totally get a tube or two (;