Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My favorite Lipsticks!

Sorry for the bad quality, I used my moms camera .. Anyways, this is MAC Cosmetics "VIVA GLAM GAGA".
It is a light barbie - doll natural pink with an over/under tone of blue. Not blue as it it looks blue, its just a light pink. It is $ 14 but for the great vanilla - after taste and the nice look, its worth while. But hurry to get it from your MAC counter. It is limited edition! Another plus side? All 14 dollars goes to the MAC AIDS fund! Hoorah!

This is a Revlon Lippie. A matte lipstick in pink pout (002). It has a nice color and I like to wear it underneath my Viva Glam so when the top coat wears off this wonderful color shows. It is very similar to Viva but a bit darker, absolutely pink, with no under/over tones! 

My moms camera is worse then I though .. Anyhoo on the left is GAGA & on the right is Pink Pout! 



  1. Those look like rilly good colors but got anything for people with a olive complexion what colors would look natural for them?

  2. they look good!:D
    I would prefer the GAGA one, Cause I love Lady GAGA!!
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  3. Nekogurlfurever: My friend has an olive complexion! I think a coral color looks great on her. So I think if you go to MAC, or any other store try to purchase a coral {orange-pink} color! For more of a night out look try a bright red!

    Esther: Thanks so much! I love the GAGA one as well, I will totally check your blog out!

  4. So would you or would you not recomend and greenish kind of color? b/c i grew up hearing people say that green always look better on a person who is tan? and i dont really like green..

  5. A green lipstick or a green eyeshadow? I would not recommend a greenish lipstick because it looks totally un - natural. But for eyeshadow I think that if you had a very light green paired with a forest brown it would look nice!

  6. Your welcome, if you have anymore questions feel free to email me, which is located at the very bottom of my blog!