Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My "sluggish" week in pictures :)

 Hey lovely girls. Welcome to my first
"week in pictures"
First off... my week has been going a bit...slow. I mean, in a matter
of 2 days, I'll be out of school for 2 whole weeks! :)
Why? Christmas break! Woo-hoo!
But today, I am dreading tomorrow. I have a big Spanish test.
Ugh. I am ranting a tad, but I EXTREMELY DISLIKE spanish...
I have been getting all "A's" and even with my hard work, I
might as well be expecting a B in Spanish. Greaaat.

But what is the cure for the sick feeling in your stomach, of a huge ugly test?
A trip to ULTA! :)
Woo. In an hour or so, I'll be heading there with a friend.

Lately I have been a little obsessed with lipgloss.
I stumbled upon covergirl lipglosses (see past two post).
I bought two wet slicks fruit spritzers in the weekend and they were yummy.
Spesh. the grape one! But I still like the "amazemints" better (think... the blue one ;)

Grape Splash.
This isn't a review ;)
So all I am gonna` say this is yummy, and a light pretty purple.

 Not to happy with the color, but the taste
is extravagant.  Yummy papayyya. 
But my lips are highly pigmented and this makes a perrrty light coral!
I recommend this to "xxmakeupiscoolxx"
Its not like she is going to see this or anything...
but I mean, she's obsessed w/ all things coral..
Just to note it out ;)
Love her vids though.

Oh my goodness. I love this. I LOVE this. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS.
Its a nice clear gloss, with a blue-ish tint that makes my lips...
just plain gorgeous. 
Hard to explain.
(like I said, if this was a review, I'd try to explain it more!)

Blueeee baybeee

"Modeling fail"
Oh my. 

Okay. So after 5 hours of tumbling non-stop at the gymnastics gym...
I want a pop. Yessss.

Screen saverrr<3

SnOw! Ow-ow! 

Chipotle chippiesss :)


Kisses, Kasey


  1. I haven't seen the blue lipgloss before but I am definitely going to go check it out. I've heard blue glosses are good for your smile. They help make the teeth look whiter.

  2. I will have to check out those amazemint glosses! I love chipotles chips! mmm :)

  3. Blue lipglosses totally do make your smile bright and your teeth look white ;).
    It gives a pinky purple tint to my lips.

    @Amber. You should! & I love those chippps