Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holy-Grail Lip glosses

Hey girlies :) It's snowing outside, so I am super excited and in the Christmas spirit! Did I mention I love snow&all things Holiday?
Anyways, I found my HG lip-glosses! They are amazing. Keep reading...

Covergirl wetslicks Amazemints. Covergirl collaborated with 'Crest'  (Think.. minty fresh toothpaste). These lipglosses have peppermint oil in them that moisturizes your lips, makes your teeth look whiter, makes your breath smell better, plumps your lips, and gives you a healthy smile. And yes, all of these did actually happen when I wore the glosses.

I never was big into lipgloss because even the highend ones
 (think.. Mac, urban decay, lancome, channel, clinique ETC.)
are very sticky, which I hate. But these "wetslicks" literally feel... wet&slick. Plus, my lips are never chapped anymore! The peppermint oil totally makes them un-chapped :)

Here are all four of the wetslicks I own.
Top: Sillylily
Bottom: no care bare
Right: Freedom of peach
Left: Everything's Rosy

No Care Bare :)
Pretty nude color! It is a honey sort of shade, with light brown-peach undertones.
Its very natural yet shiny... gorgeous. I would love to see this on a brunette..

Freedom of Peach :)
This color is a baby tutu-ballet pink
This shade is soooo SHINY. Probably the most shiny one, though 
they are all shiny. This color fives my raspberry toned lips a natural shade of peach!
One word to describe it? Classy!
Four? Every Girl Needs This :)

Everythings Rosy :)
Pretty Pretty Pretty!
It is the PERFECT rose color
Makes my lips nice && pinky

I got this because its almost the same shade as my lips!
Except a bit more brighter and purpley!
Lovvveee another classy color

All four of the gorgies.
Revlon glosses are nice too just a bit more sticky
with not the pleasureful minty taste.
( I have my eye on lilac pastelle... maybe i will snatch it up today or this week)

Best. Lipbalm/chapstick evahhh

What I carry them in, my makeup bag for glosses in purse

zee inside of my verabradley frill bag!

hollllahhh for lipglosses!



  1. I have never tried the Wetslicks but I love Revlon lipglosses (=

  2. I actually like the wetslicks better, surprisingly.
    Well.. I love the peppermint / cool feeling.
    But I need to pick up another revlon!