Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas tree & Operation Beautiful

Hey girls! Long time no post.. I was sick for a legit 15 days. I missed 4 days of school, lots of hours of tumbling, and a bit of being miserable over thanksgiving break. 
School is being jam-packed with work before the long two weeks of christmas break.
Not to mention tumbling. First competition tomorrow. I had 8 hours of practice yesterday/today. A whole lot. But I love it more then you can imagine <3

So above it a picture of my Christmas tree in my room :) Puuurple to match.
I will be doing NOV. faves soon!


I have known about operation beautiful for a while now. I just really, never got to it. I always just pushed it away. But I read a little story from a close friend of mine on " "
Here is what she wrote...

I thought I just needed to share this amazing cause :)

So I was in the bathroom at my school the other day, and I noticed there was a sticky note on the mirror. It said, "There could never be a more beautiful you." And at the bottom of the note it said ""
It made me curious so I went to this website last night, and it is actually an amazing website.
It's about girls who secretly post sticky notes in bathrooms and in public places to cheer up other girls. Looking at this made me wanna cry, some of the notes are just amazing.
So I think I am going to start more Operation Beautiful at my school because I think it's for a great cause. Who wouldn't want to see a note like that everyday? It literally made my day!

I just thought I'd share because I think it's a great idea!
Check out the site:

 I read this, amazed. I always thought operation Beautiful was truly a great idea, but never have I heard it happening to someone I knew. 
Some people are going through troubles. 
If you were having a bad day, how would you like it if someone called you gorgeous?
At this moment, I am pre-writing notes to put inside the bathroom mirrors, or stalls. 
It may not seem like much, but truly, it is.

I am ASKING all of you girls, to have a big heart, and please, check out the website. 
And DO IT. Actually just DO IT.

Especially since its December, the time of giving.

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