Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Small Hall (BEST lip-glosses)

This all added up to 22 dollars. I was happy. All three of these wonders :) Two MAC lipglosses = more then 3 lip glosses!

Wet n` Wild nailpolishes are better then revlon nail polishes, in my opinion hands down. But Revlon glosses are much better.
I got this black beauty to do a reverse french mani tomorrow night <3


Yumm. Let me tell you, weslicks amazemint are my new fave glosses! They
have C r e s t Peppermint oil, giving it the feel like you have gorg. lips with great breath!
NAME: Sillylily
COLOR: A berry - pink color, perfect for fall/winter I propose.
PACKAGING: Looove how durable it is!
TASTE: Crest peppermint-y Yummm.
LASTING: Not too sure yet. I just bought it an hour ago

NAME: No Care Bare
COLOR: A nude :) Finally. Peachy undertones! Loove. Light, natural
TASTE: Minty. same as above.
PACKAGING: Same as above. They aren't really "tacky" but, they aren't too over-the-top-special. Still a love<3
LASTING: same as above.

NAME: Pink Pursuit
COLOR: A dark pink, with just the right amount of shimmer, very unique pinky. Natural
TASTE: N/ at all
PACKAGING: Gooorgeous. Looks better then high-end packages! :)
LONGEVITY: Not too sure, but I will review these! I only got them an hour ago..

If anyone would like swatches of these, I will swatch them.
I used to be more of a lipstick lady, but I am now all over glosses, 
and I personally like lipglosses more :)

<333 all.


  1. I love those Revlon lip glosses. I haven't tried the CG Wet Slicks but that nude colour looks really nice.

  2. Thanks for commenting :)
    I always love when you comment!

    I actually may just like the covergirl lipgloss formula better, since the minty taste and its very un-sticky!