Saturday, December 18, 2010

Some Major Haulage

I have been feeling a bit... down for some strange reason today. But was pleasantly surprised with a "major haul"

These are products I got either today from walmart, or from the secret santa on Friday with a close friend of mine (from ulta)

The whole gang.
I think thats kinda a whole lot! ;) For me. In a matter of a week.

The colossal !
L o V e . . .

"Living Doll" Blush, by HardCandy.
Mmm best. blush. ever! May have to do a review

High Maintenance eyeshadow duo (baked)
by HardCandy. GORGEOUS to say the LEAST.

NYX roundstick in ceto! pinky frost bronze

Covergirl wetslicks in tutu (wish it had the amazemint flavaaa)

NYX gloss in sweetheart

The revvvvie lipgloss I have been dyyin for. lilac pastelle!

love love LOOOOVE. Tinted lipbalm lipslider by NYC!
in sugar angel

Maybelline quuuaaaad. sunlit bronze!

Crease brush...

NYX seafoam greeeeen. bayyyum.




  1. I love the colossal, I bought two tubes of it and figured time to give another one a chance but none have wowed me like the colossal :(

  2. Haha Oh I know its amazing :)

    i reccomend you try covergirl amazemint wetslicks (blue caps) lip gloss

  3. The Colossal did nothing for my lashes )= But the Maybelline quad looks gorgeous!

  4. awesome haul :)
    OI havn't boguth makeup for sooo long!! haha just the necessities.
    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog. I have kind of been distracted recently with christmas and new things and events and holidays and all but i hope in the new year to get right back into blogging :)

  5. The colossal worked for me! But my lashes are already long ;) I think everyone has different lash types!

    & Jordy! Thanks for commenting -- I love your blog and can't wait for more posts <3

  6. You got so many beautiful things <3 really want that lipgloss by NYX and that Maybelline quad, they look gorgeous :)