Thursday, December 16, 2010

A special haul for a friend!

Hey there girls.

So last week, a secret santa was decided at "the lunch table" we drew names out of a little lunch box and somehow me and one of my friends (the only two at our table who love makeup ;) pulled each other. 
So we kinda all told each other. (Pshh so much for a "secret" santa)
So we decided to take a trip to Ulta. The store thats great for me... horrible for my wallet!
And we chose stuff we loved, switched bags, payed, and tomorrow (friday) we will be exchanging gifts. 

This is what I got her.. tell me what you think? 

So here is everything lined out! (:
All in all, about, ehhh 30 something? 
Thats good-ish right?

Ehh she's been wanting it for a while.
I am not a fan of on-the-lid liners. 
But she can pull off a pretty hot job of one.
She stuffed this is her back, w/o any influence from me.

So she saw this in a room a while back and its body/hair spray
(to make your hair smell good) and she became obsessed. 
Every time we go in pink these are never there
So This is what I decided.

Matchy-match with the spritzer (:

She wanted this. I already own it. I love it.
There you go (;

I like NYX lipsticks more then MAC... there I said it.
Ugh :( I am not too much of a mac girl, as some.
I do love some trips there (it just feels like magic inside of there!)
But the drugstore side of Ulta is an even bigger heaven~ espesh to my wallet.

A shiny nyx lipgloss. She said it smelled/tasted like cherry medicine, which some how my freak of a friend
finds a yum taste. ? ;) I like it though

nyc cream blush is plaaaaza pink.

So I will also do a wonderful haul on what I get :D


  1. I do pretty much the same things with my sisters. I pick out my present and then give it to them to pay for and wrap up.

  2. I think its much easier that way since everyone has there own certain taste/style!

  3. Looks like she got some great stuff :)